Remote Learning and PLAY!

We know how remote learning has affected our kids, right! I mean my 2 boys at this point are use to not going outside at this point. Getting them to play outdoors is almost a hassle.

I would not have imaged it would be so hard on them to just play freely without worrying about being around people or someone walking by the house while they play in the front yard.

So by now we learned what works and what does not so lets look at these 3 things that distancing learning cannot replace when it comes to playing!

~Lesson 1: Zoom, Google Meet, and all the video chat platforms can’t replace circle time.

Kids need time away from screen just like adults. So let them play, and have fun. I's OK to deviate from the schedule every once and a while. I have to tell myself this all the time. Yes, you want them to learn and stay on track but their well being is just as important too!

~Lesson 2: Recess is hard to replicate.

I mean really! It's hard to be able to tell your kid go have recess or a play break when their friends are not there with them. Or they don't have the balls or the jungle gym to play need and want other kids to play with and be around. They learn necessary skills when they play with other kids: communication is one of them! So get out and play with your kids use the time to have fun and be a kid again. It's ok to take a break too, you'll enjoy it!

~Lesson 3: Kids shouldn’t be following prompts all day.

When you have a kid who is not used to being on a computer for hours on end its hard to tell them go clean their room, or go put out the trash...they get told when to log online and when to turn in their assignments all day. They get bored of the same thing! We may be use to it, but their are kids they need to explore, run, change it up every once in a while. So let them be the boss for a little and let them say what they want to do to switch it up!

~Lesson 4: After a day on tech, kids (just like parents) can be a little fried.

Computers can be a drain mentally, so give your kid a break from the screen and let them just relax, give them breaks in between and just take a deep breath!

We are all in this together...

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