I Need MY Issue!

Updated: May 9, 2020

Well, where should I start??? I decided to write a blog to commemorate the birth of Kids Play Zone!! A little about this journey begins with a dream like many and then a thought and then an idea to bring to conception. Over 5 years ago, I decided that I wanted to open an indoor playground and that I was gonna be successful, and have fun doing it, period.

I am a go getter, what can I say! See something I want I go for it, as long as I can see the vision I am down, so count me in. Your probably wondering, ok! so 5 years ago! yes, 5 years, and still counting technically thanks to covid-19. I have 2 boys so I know a little about needing some place to take the kids so I just chill for a minute, while they tear up someone else's spot while playing and then leave without cleaning up!!!

So a few years ago I decided that I was going to finally pull the plug and go for it. I contacted, after a lot of research, a company that franchises indoor playgrounds. I was too pumped, excited and all that jazz. I got the $ for my franchise fee (long story there) and signed the agreement and started what felt like "it was about damm time" this is at this point I told myself by nook or by crook I am getting a loan from somebody. I don't care which bank I needed my ISSUE aka the money, the loan, that paper! I thought about crowd-funding, and everything in between, but still nothing. While, I was looking for my issue, I'm looking at locations with the franchise..sending them addresses while they send me addresses. I mean all the excitement working with an agent, doing site after 1 year of looking..yup 1 year looking for a building in my budget (thats key) I had to make a decision to change gears. This meant, I needed to open up in a different city like NOT Oakland! My goal was always to open up in Oakland cause I felt like what we got here, nothing (I actually found 2 other locations similar but different after the fact, so I can't hold the "the i'm the first one in Oakland card!) I wanted something different for my kids and of course the peeps of the town.

But because I wanted my dream so bad I decided to start looking in every city other than Oakland. During this time, of course other franchises started to pop up! So I was really trying to secure a space. Needless to say, I wanted to leave my job so bad that I felt rushed to really get in a location. Fast forward, at some point the franchise and I decided to part ways! My budget was just too small for them as they were looking for large locations and I just couldn't afford it. At the same time, I was offered an opportunity to take over another location but...the big but, I had to move my family over to another city way past L.A and yup I was down, I saw the potential, I did my research and like I said I was so down to relocate my family. What did I do! I took it! I signed another contract and said yes, I do, when I start, where.I mean I went in feet 1st..SHE was ready!!...well back at it again I STILL was in search of a bank to give me my issue, my money (not my money but I felt like it was already mine so hey!)

As you may have figured I DIDN'T move and that was only because I couldn't get no ISSUE...WHHHHY It make no sense how hard it is to get funds to start a business I mean people aka banks get with the program. I felt like ok, I ain't giving up this easy...not me. I went back to going solo again..opening up my own spot, my own business. So what did I do? I started back looking at spots in Oakland. Not only did I find a location, signed a lease, and got the keys, but I GOT MY ISSUE!!!


Now let the real fun begin......

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