35 days!

Just wanted to pop in your inbox to say...that's how long we have until Christmas! Not to alarm you but yah it's almost here folks....Like really...that to me makes no sense...I mean for starters I am not ready, second my oldest will be 11 literally 9 days later and last I've not even thought about what to get my boys for Christmas.

Thankfully I have an online store with some great ideas...

Check out these great stocking stuffers

Just love this pretend Christmas theme cookie set, how fun is that!

The on the go scratchpads are fun especially when in the car or just taking a mini break from work or just keep the kids busy...there are several different themes to pick from

Do you have a little check on your hands? Well we have a several different super cute pretend play food items like this pancake set.

If your local you can purchase these items and more and WITH free door/porch drop off if you live in Oakland only by going to to make your purchase.


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