I may not post often and progress maybe slow, but rest assure things are still moving in the background.

My last blog, I mentioned how I was working on get funds (aka my issue) to fund my dream. I've been working on trying to figure out the social media aspect while planning. Plus working with the City of Oakland has not been fun! So here is a brief update.

If you don't know anyone with a business you will never know what type of hoops, hurdles they had to jump and fire they had to walk through to just open their doors.

To say the least, I've not had fun working with the City of Oakland on getting my business doors open, plus COVID.

Needless to say, I am still jumping through hoops every week it seems and each time I feel like this when I get to the other side:

Big companies definitely have an advantage, we all know this, but you really don't know til you know! I mean they have departments and people made for this. I can't say "call my people" to get this taken care of. Why cause I AM the people, I AM the company, it's just me. The level of frustration is real. So I am about to give you all the hard core truth. Truth you don't hear about, so when you hear someone you know, a friend or a family member say they are starting a business...just give them a big "covid" hug or air high five and say:

Because what we go through is just a level of pain that you just can't describe until you've been there. That pain can be anything from not getting a call back, not knowing what's next, getting the run around, not getting a reply which is even worse. it's hard when you trying to make something happen and your on your stuff and the other person not. or when you have everything together and then you have to reply on the city to give you some info, they don't care how much $ it's costing you or how much time you have a whole new respect of the phrase "go figure it out for yourself." Don't get me wrong, I am down for the cause, I am down for the HARD work, BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS (mostly tears), but what I can't fathom is why starting a business and getting through all the hoops with the city is not user friendly or shall I say small business friendly. The process itself seems to catered to big companies. So here is the truth:

I've had to call, email, call, email, and constantly go to the city to just get an answer of whats next, what am I to do now? There is no "how to get to point A to Z" book with the city when it comes to things like building planning, permits, inspectors. Everything is wait and see and wait and figure it out. When you are your own boss, a 1 woman show, you don't have a team of people to handle things for you. You figure it out on your own and hope you can get through it right or else...Yes, you have the small business department, but there is no team to help small businesses. You hear how small business are the backbone to the community, but yet the City makes it just that much harder for you to get going, and open. We already have the issue with get $$$$ now I have to pretty much go through the same process as those big box stores opening up businesses. The lack of help with the never ending process is very daunting, and I see why some don't do it or get discouraged. Getting help is like seeing a unicorn run through the will never happen?

So the next time you hear about someone you know going through the blues and opening a business, let alone during COVID just giv'em a

Ok, so now that I've vented, thanks for listening, especially if you're still reading this!!!

I received a preliminary approval on my plans, yay :) but I still need to do some additional work that has been requested. Once I get those squared away I will be able to do some more work then get some inspections done. Last, I can start ordering all the fun stuff.

I am finally ALMOST ready to order my play equipment, if you haven't seen it here it is! I am SUPER excited about it:

So there you have it. Hopefully, by July I can provide an update on GRAND OPENING! So stay tuned.

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Updated: May 9, 2020

Well, where should I start??? I decided to write a blog to commemorate the birth of Kids Play Zone!! A little about this journey begins with a dream like many and then a thought and then an idea to bring to conception. Over 5 years ago, I decided that I wanted to open an indoor playground and that I was gonna be successful, and have fun doing it, period.

I am a go getter, what can I say! See something I want I go for it, as long as I can see the vision I am down, so count me in. Your probably wondering, ok! so 5 years ago! yes, 5 years, and still counting technically thanks to covid-19. I have 2 boys so I know a little about needing some place to take the kids so I just chill for a minute, while they tear up someone else's spot while playing and then leave without cleaning up!!!

So a few years ago I decided that I was going to finally pull the plug and go for it. I contacted, after a lot of research, a company that franchises indoor playgrounds. I was too pumped, excited and all that jazz. I got the $ for my franchise fee (long story there) and signed the agreement and started what felt like "it was about damm time" this is at this point I told myself by nook or by crook I am getting a loan from somebody. I don't care which bank I needed my ISSUE aka the money, the loan, that paper! I thought about crowd-funding, and everything in between, but still nothing. While, I was looking for my issue, I'm looking at locations with the franchise..sending them addresses while they send me addresses. I mean all the excitement working with an agent, doing site after 1 year of looking..yup 1 year looking for a building in my budget (thats key) I had to make a decision to change gears. This meant, I needed to open up in a different city like NOT Oakland! My goal was always to open up in Oakland cause I felt like what we got here, nothing (I actually found 2 other locations similar but different after the fact, so I can't hold the "the i'm the first one in Oakland card!) I wanted something different for my kids and of course the peeps of the town.

But because I wanted my dream so bad I decided to start looking in every city other than Oakland. During this time, of course other franchises started to pop up! So I was really trying to secure a space. Needless to say, I wanted to leave my job so bad that I felt rushed to really get in a location. Fast forward, at some point the franchise and I decided to part ways! My budget was just too small for them as they were looking for large locations and I just couldn't afford it. At the same time, I was offered an opportunity to take over another location but...the big but, I had to move my family over to another city way past L.A and yup I was down, I saw the potential, I did my research and like I said I was so down to relocate my family. What did I do! I took it! I signed another contract and said yes, I do, when I start, where.I mean I went in feet 1st..SHE was ready!!...well back at it again I STILL was in search of a bank to give me my issue, my money (not my money but I felt like it was already mine so hey!)

As you may have figured I DIDN'T move and that was only because I couldn't get no ISSUE...WHHHHY It make no sense how hard it is to get funds to start a business I mean people aka banks get with the program. I felt like ok, I ain't giving up this easy...not me. I went back to going solo again..opening up my own spot, my own business. So what did I do? I started back looking at spots in Oakland. Not only did I find a location, signed a lease, and got the keys, but I GOT MY ISSUE!!!


Now let the real fun begin......

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