We know how remote learning has affected our kids, right! I mean my 2 boys at this point are use to not going outside at this point. Getting them to play outdoors is almost a hassle.

I would not have imaged it would be so hard on them to just play freely without worrying about being around people or someone walking by the house while they play in the front yard.

So by now we learned what works and what does not so lets look at these 3 things that distancing learning cannot replace when it comes to playing!

~Lesson 1: Zoom, Google Meet, and all the video chat platforms can’t replace circle time.

Kids need time away from screen just like adults. So let them play, and have fun. I's OK to deviate from the schedule every once and a while. I have to tell myself this all the time. Yes, you want them to learn and stay on track but their well being is just as important too!

~Lesson 2: Recess is hard to replicate.

I mean really! It's hard to be able to tell your kid go have recess or a play break when their friends are not there with them. Or they don't have the balls or the jungle gym to play need and want other kids to play with and be around. They learn necessary skills when they play with other kids: communication is one of them! So get out and play with your kids use the time to have fun and be a kid again. It's ok to take a break too, you'll enjoy it!

~Lesson 3: Kids shouldn’t be following prompts all day.

When you have a kid who is not used to being on a computer for hours on end its hard to tell them go clean their room, or go put out the trash...they get told when to log online and when to turn in their assignments all day. They get bored of the same thing! We may be use to it, but their are kids they need to explore, run, change it up every once in a while. So let them be the boss for a little and let them say what they want to do to switch it up!

~Lesson 4: After a day on tech, kids (just like parents) can be a little fried.

Computers can be a drain mentally, so give your kid a break from the screen and let them just relax, give them breaks in between and just take a deep breath!

We are all in this together...

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At this point we all know what we need to do, but I wanted to be open and share what I have been thinking about as it pertains to KPZ's cleaning procedures.

COVID or not cleaning is necessary for indoor play spaces, period! I knew I had to be through when it came to cleaning the facility and the toys. It's no secret that germs are everywhere. When I designed my space and what I wanted to have I asked myself "what's going to be easy to clean and keep clean throughout the day."

I also thought about how often I was going to need to clean, my ball pit. Again, no secret there that not everyone is a fan of ball pits and I get it, which is why I am investing in a machine that's well over 4k to clean the balls. No matter the cost, it's required in my mind to have something like this to clean the balls regularly!

I decided to follow guidance that day cares follow for cleaning their facilities. Along with the CDC's requirements for business, I want to make sure that I do my part as a business owner and mom to make sure KPZ is clean for all your kids. After all, my own kids will be in the facility as well.

When it comes to cleaning there are 3 very important steps the CDC requires and I think we all heard these 3 over and over, but again my goal is transparency so...

1. Clean:

"Cleaning means to remove dirt, dust, debris, and sticky substances by washing, wiping, scrubbing, or mopping hard surfaces with soap or detergent and water. Routine cleaning of toys, recommended..."

2. Disinfect:

"Disinfecting means to destroy almost all germs that could make a person sick. Disinfecting is for toileting areas and high-touch areas that collect lots of germs (bathroom faucets...diaper changing tables, toilets, sinks used in toileting routines...doorknobs)..."

3. Sanitize:

"Sanitizing means to kill germs at a level that reduces the risk of becoming ill from contact with germs on the surface. Sanitizing is used that children may place in their mouths, pacifiers, and mixed use tables..."

I will ensure that these steps are followed as they pertain to cleaning after each play session, party and throughout the day while your there with your family!

Check out the PDFs below of each step below that detail's how to properly do each one.

Download PDF • 1.75MB

Download PDF • 1.59MB

Download PDF • 1.46MB

As always feel free to email me with any questions regarding our cleaning procedures. Also check out the cleaning procedures on our website

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My goal is to offer packages that will allow families flexibility to come an play and celebrate.

So here are my thoughts...once I am allowed to offer play (not to be confused with work and play, see my prior post about that) I would like to consider offering private play, reserved play and parties. Here is the difference with them all:

Private play - this type of play I would offer a certain number of slots during a 90 min. time slots throughout the day and families would sign up and purchase passes to come in. I would limit the number of kids and adults per slot to keep it small and allow for social distancing.

Reserved pay - this type of play I would offer families the opportunity to come in and play with only their pods, people who they feel comfortable with being around.

Parties-Parties would be offered but only private, which means you would book the entire facility for your family and guests to come in party and play.

So drop me a line or two below or better yet email me at and let me know your thoughts. I would appreciate it.

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