Where did all that time go? Kids started school, we've all been home for 6 months now, and I am still chuggin' along trying to get KPZ ready for when we can open safety.

Just some updates:

I've gotten my building permits from the city of Oakland! Whew...and that only took 7 months :(

Unfortunately, I am waiting for my Fire Prevention permits still! Due to COVID, it's taking them longer to process requests which means I have to wait a little longer.

Once I get that I can get an inspection to get approved to open!!! YAY!

My goal is to have all my ducks in a row so that when it's go time, I can safely open (stay tuned for a post about my cleaning procedures).

Good news, I hope to release an open date..... Stay tuned for more updated!

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Would you ever have guessed that there are play personalities? Well, now yah know. There are a total of 8! I mean I had no idea this was even possible! Let's go over some personalities!

The Joker

A person who loves to joke and make others laugh

The Artist/Creator

Enjoys creating and making things

The Explorer

A person who loves to explore something new or different, either physically, emotionally or mentally

The Competitor

Loves a competitive game with rules, and likes to play to win

The Collector

Enjoys collecting interesting collections of objects and experiences

The Director

Enjoys planning and executing events, loves organization

The Kinesthete

A person who loves to move and push their body to see what it can do

and finally,

The Storyteller

Loves to use their imagination to tell a story in writing or acting

So which PLAY personality are you? What about your kiddos?

Check out our IG feed to find out what my play personality is!!!

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🟡Hello Oakland🟣

My name is Kelinda. I am the owner of Kids Play Zone, an indoor playground opening soon in West Oakland! I am a party planner, a DIYer, and everything in between. I have always loved planning my kids parties and making everything so fun. I started offering my services to family and friends to plan their kids parties and figure out ways to make each event feel personalized and special.

I am originally from Louisiana but, I really love living in California! I enjoy hanging out with family and friends, bowling, going to spas and eating out a different places, and walking trails with my husband and 2 boys.

I cannot wait to meet you and your family at Kids Play Zone!

Drop me a line below or email me at if you have any questions or would like to know more about me and/or KPZ!

Playfully, Kels 🟣🟡

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