Cleaning Procedures

Aside from providing a welcoming and friendly environment, safety and cleanliness is our #1 priority.  

Our focus will be to clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces our toys and play structure throughly before each play session, and after each celebration. Under certain circumstances we will rotate the toy out to clean throughly.


Split happens, and so does a mouth toy!!  So if your little puts a toy in their mouth please be so kind to place that toy in one of our "mouth toys" bins throughout the facility. This will allow us to clean/wipe down and sterilize the toy so that it be be enjoyed by another little again. 

Our staff will ensure the family bathrooms are cleaned daily and stocked with antibacterial wipes for our guest in case of extra cleaning.

Sick Policy

If any one, including babies, kids and adults show any signs of sickness please stay home and get well. We will not allow any persons to enter the facility. 

COVID-19 Policy

We will adhere to all CDC guidelines pertaining to social distancing, and cleaning procedures. Our facility has an open concepts, so our goal is to ensure that play areas are spaced apart to allow children and parents to effectively social distance themselves while having fun.


Our staff will disinfect all frequent touched surfaces such as the bathroom door handles, light switches, check in counter top, bathroom, tables, chairs plus toys and ball pit. Before each play session, during the play sessions and afterwards we will wipe down and disinfect the toys and the facility as a whole.

Once open will will contract with a local company who will come in a deep clean/disinfect the entire facility once a week. We also have a ball pit cleaner that cleans each ball individually to ensure they are germ free.

Upon entering out facility we will have hand free sanitizer for each guests use, plus we will have these stations throughout the facility. We encourage our guests, while in the facility to either wash their hands frequently while inside and/or use our sanitizer stations.


Our staff will wear face covering and we will encourage our adult guests to do the same. If required by Oakland/Alameda County, will will also require the kids to wear masks. We will be monitoring the CDC website and what Oakland/Alameda County requires as well.

Our goal is a clean, and safe facility for all who enters our facility. Should anyone have any questions regarding our cleaning procedures please feel free to email us.

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